Monday, April 16, 2012

What a wonderful way... kick off our 2012 Season!

Thank you so much to everyone who made our Spring Re-Opening this past Saturday such a success...

Alf Bashore, II, Cindy Koons, and Abygale Hecker for sharing each of your individual musical styles and talents.

John DeWald and Larry Ney, II, for your amazing artistry.

Amy Garbes for your fun and beautiful jewelry (and the company of your husband and kids).

Janice Hambridge (and Heather, Meghan, and friends) for sharing not only the physical benefits of t'ai chi but the aesthetic beauty you added to our morning.

Janet Smith for the yummy Tastefully Simple samples.

Danelle Wagner for recording the day in photos with your talented eye for subject, perspective, and light.

Virginia Beck, Donna Knaur, Robin Landgrebe, and Donna Shaffer for stopping by with some of your latest handbags, photos, wreaths, and artwork, respectively, for our customers to enjoy.

To all our guests and friends (old and, hopefully, new) who added to the day with your presence and turned it into more of a big family gathering than just a shopping event.

And last, but far from least, our husbands, Kurt and Richard, Lola, Jasmine, Charlie, and Autumn, Joan, Vincent, and Carina, for your help, patience, and smiles, and God for the amazingly beautiful weather on Saturday!

~Lara & Noreen
"Plant kindness and gather love." ~Unknown

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